Hollt Smplr / trns m4l plugin device for ableton - free download

The Hollt SMPLR / TRNS Max for Live plugin allows you to manipulate, automate and map the transient, whilst preserving mode, inside a Simpler device on a midi track.



Previously, as there was no option to get this done via automation inside Ableton, you had to do this manually. For example, when recording your transient envelope onto an audio track, you could not change it afterwards, as it’d be recorded audio. This Max for Live plugin solves this:



1) Load a Simpler device after this plugin, and make sure the order / position persists. (You can place midi effects in front of this plugin, but the Simpler device always has to be loaded after the Hollt SMPLR / TRNS Max plugin).



2) Hit the ‘Make It Work’ button, and you’re good to go. The plugin will change all the settings to the correct values inside the Simpler.  (In case the Simpler is already loaded, and you place the plugin in front of it, it will automatically correct the values of the Simpler, in which case you don’t need to hit the button).



3) If you remove, replace or swap the plugin or the Simpler, make sure the Simpler is placed after the Hollt SMPLR / TRNS Max plugin and hit the ‘Make It Work’ button again.